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Bally is fun, cute, and highly entertaining game.

The client wanted to see us create something more interesting but less time-consuming. So we created Bally!

They were quite specific in what they wanted, and we spent several days developing a prototype which they were very pleased with. We managed to keep the client in the loop during the development process, so they stay updated with the recent developments. All-in-all, it was a simple yet fun project to take on board.

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We were presented with a new project and immediately knew this client needed an experienced game designer. However, the challenge was that the client needed their game application to be launched in a week's time. We spent two hours going over their requirements with them, doing research, and ultimately choosing them based on their experience level and ability to deliver what they had in mind. The choice of artist was also key: they were looking for someone who could bring a unique style to the project. The results speak for themselves. Therefore, we had to select the designer and developer as per the project requirement.

Idea creation is the beginning of a great project.

The idea was to create a game that requires skill, determination, and focus. The game was indeed built upon the needs of its player. It had to be addictive and required all the attention of its players. Of course, the interface was to be made simple, elegant, and vibrant. Many shooting bubbles or pop-up balloon games require the players to clear the screen before it fills out all the space, but we wanted to give a traditional touch of pinball and use the modern design in the game. After the initial discussions with the client, we came up with the idea of Bally. It was supposed to be colorful and elegant with basic features of tapping the mobile screen to play the game.


Giving An Interesting Twist To Traditional Pinball And Balloon Pop-Up Games.

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Concept Art Outlines How Your Game Is Going to Be Perceived.

First, we had to analyze the game in terms of its features, and dynamics, etc. When the team was clear about how the game should be, we came up with a timetable for each module in order to complete the project in time. The team was allocated with tasks accordingly. Since we had limited time, we had to plan and work together closely. The brainstorming sessions with the team and the stakeholders' feedback were our highest priority. Once our initial sketch of the game was drafted utilizing Adobe Photoshop, we got it approved by the client and took the project to phase II, where we worked on the UI and UX design of the game.

Defining the UI/UX Design

Since the game was basic in its features, it did not require much UI/ UX designing apart from the basics. We had a short time to research the functionalities. We used 2D designing, unlike 3D designing features. The blocks were designed to be made humble without a sharp or edgy look. Likewise, the shooting arrow had to be made simple, showing in the form of a dotted line so that the users know where they will be shooting the block. As per the clients' requirements, we also provided a basic setting feature to alter the volume of the music as per their hearing aid.

From Concept to the Development, we are Thorough!

With no time to lose, we started the development of the game immediately. The programming languages that were used to develop this addictive game were Lua, C#, and Java Script. Furthermore, we also utilize unity software to complete this project efficiently.

Pre-Launch testing is Fundamental and Inseparable Stage.

Game testing is a crucial stage in game development. During this phase, we found out real users' reactions and opinions so we could deliver a better and unique game for the target audience. We found out the type of music and special effects and graphics that appeal to the target audience and what excites them to give them a more satisfying experience while playing the game.

We used the beta testing method to confirm the functioning of the various elements of the game. Through this, we were able to identify and resolve bugs and glitches present in the game. Furthermore, the game was posted on various social media outlets, which allowed us to get positive reviews and downloads. This, in turn, helped our client achieve their goals in effectively launching their application.


  • The game was available for free download on Android Mobile.
  • The game was thoroughly tested to ensure precision of the game.
  • We have received positive feedback from the players.
  • In addition, we have gathered invaluable responses from the players.