Dragon Force Ninja

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Case Overview:

A new emerging brand in the gaming industry approached us to create a game with educational and entertainment value. Since the game had to be enlightening and entertaining to target audiences of all ages and sizes, a simple game was not an option.

The client asked us to develop a game that is attractive in its features, captures the attention of its player while teaching them something new to flex about. Hence, the concept of Dragon Force Ninja came to light.

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Game Development is a time-taking process. Sometimes the developers take about six months to 2 years to complete the project. Due to the client’s wish to launch the game, we had limited time to work on the project. This also meant that we had to research with a time constraint. Likewise, the brainstorming sessions with the team, along with the feedback of the stakeholders was our top priority. Besides, we had to draft a lot since every new iteration in the design would take us a day back. Therefore, in order to save time, we had to collaborate with the team and the stakeholders back to back and wait for their feedback in order to design further.


Idea Creation and Conceptualization

During the idea creation phase, we developed the rough sketch of the game, a new challenge was to present a mock. Once the idea was approved, we created the conceptual art. In this phase, we selected the colors, theme, design, characters’ apparel, locations, the game’s texture, and each and every detail of the game feature used. Using the information gathered from both the discovery session and competitor analysis, we were able to complete our creative strategy. By using Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, we created the initial sketches of the game.


UI/UX Design

To do this, we spent time researching different artists who painted, drew, and photographed ninja to get a feel for their techniques and styles. This helped us with UI and UX design that was truly authentic to the brand while still appealing to the targeted audience. The colors selected will work well with both android and iOS phones.

Software used in 3D Design Phase: Auto Desk Maya, Unity, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop,

3D Design Development:

Our project task was split between team members in the development phase, and a deadline was set. One of the teams worked on designing and developing the game’s assets, while the other helped in the UI and UX design and development.


Testing and Launch

While we were developing the game, we did beta testing to find out the precise functionality and features of the game. Having the game tested numerous times both by developers and research groups, we were able to identify bugs and glitches in the game. Hence, this helped us launch the perfect, entertaining, and immersive game to the target audience.


  • We have received positive feedback from the players. Those who play the game have loved the graphic and experience of the game. This shows us that the business has a low churn rate.
  • WebApp Founder has successfully developed a game that is engaging, enlightening, and entertaining for the target players.
  • We were able to develop the game within the communicated time frame, which was a big achievement for the client.
  • The game is fitting for the 4.1 or above versions of Android phones.