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Case Overview:

A team of developers saw the opportunity to tap into this relatively new development in the tourist industry. Through market research, it was found that this niche was already dominated by a few big names. However, the team was convinced that the industry had a lot of potentials.

The plan never included jumping in head-to-head with the leaders, neither to avoid the market threats. The industry dynamics definitely allowed more players to tap into its profit by targeting the right customer base. The client asked us to develop an app that was contending, its user interface was required to be compelling and interactive enough to make the users shift to our platform

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Developing such an app is definitely a time-consuming project; there are many aspects that need to be discussed before even jumping on to the development phase. We sat for hours brainstorming how to position this app in the market so it stands out. There needed to be an optimized position so as to not challenge the already existing apps in the market, and there was a crucial need for product differentiation. Moreover, the client had put on us a time and budget restraint which made the project a real challenge. Now, we needed to make a blueprint within a span of eight months that was based not only on heavy market research but also decided the USP of such a product. For months, our team of developers and designers were preoccupied to streamline everything and be on the same page as our client.


Idea Creation

Of course, offering rentals for tourists wasn’t something new itself, so it meant taking the right feedback from the customers to understand the problems persisting in the apps that are already out there in the market. The basics of the app were cleared, a robust GPS where all the hotels and stay-in places are located accurately. There needed to be an interactive marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and make a deal based on their requirements. However, there was a qualm about whether the app needs to state airfares or not. Regardless, it was decided that it was a favorable feature, and will allow the tourist to budget beforehand since all the costs included were to be communicated to them via the app. Moreover, the most important aspect was the reliability factor. Apps like these are prone to fraud and their credibility can easily be hindered by a few faux sellers. We did our best to put everything out there for our clients so there is agreement on every aspect.

Concept Art

Once the idea was approved, it was time for our designers to shine. It wasn’t a simple gaming app that could be made attractive by throwing in vibrant color themes. It was an informative and interactive marketplace that needed to attract customers while maintaining a level of sophistication. Sometimes, sophistication is used synonymously for boring and we didn’t want to create an app that had a bland appearance. We used the feedback of our clients after showing them a couple of sophisticated color themes, text design, and the overall interface. In this phase, we also went through the apps of our competitors to get a better idea of the industry norm.


UI/UX Design

This was the most crucial stage of our app development. The app not only needed to be engaging, but should also check all the boxes when it comes to convenience, usefulness, and usability. Our UI/UX developers spent a lot of time devising the overall interface of the app that would later determine the conversions.


Once everything was finalized, it was time for our developers and designers to put their skills to use. Our team gathered up day and night to build the app piece by piece. They had to make sure that the app was free of all glitches and had all the aspects included in it. The languages that were part of the programming phase were HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax. It was also made sure that the app was compatible with iOS and Android devices alike.


Testing and Launch

By the end of the development of the app, our team of experts did test runs on the app to address any bugs and fixes before its finalization. This was immediately approved by the developers, the research team, and the client itself.


  • According to customer reviews, the app has proved to be very convenient
  • There are no complaints of glitches or the app crashing while the ride is ongoing
  • The captains have maintained a level of integrity and are giving their best due to higher margins
  • The platform has added more competition in the market as other ride-hailing apps have now started focusing on giving captains a greater share of their earnings