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A client approached us to develop a simple yet addictive game for its audience. Although, the task seemed easy and doable. However, it was targeted to improve the retention rate and concentration. They wanted to develop a game that was easy to play, fun, and relaxing.

We got the perfect idea which we believe had a great chance of success and rapid growth. It was just the right time to implement and give it a face for the general public.

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Idea Creation

With a simple and modern user interface, we developed a new game application for the client that supported their desire for the application creation---without being overwhelming. We conducted various brainstorming sessions with our team to come up with the idea that supported their requirements. After the marketing research, the stacker cracker game idea was generated. It was simple in design, easy to play while being addictive at the same time.


We answer most of the basic questions during the idea creation phase to critically evaluate the game features. Such as:

  • What would be the simplest mechanics for the game?
  • How will the players progress or evolve in the game?

Since the client wanted to develop a game that involved as little use of the screen as possible, while remaining fast-paced. Therefore, using the screen-tap option seemed convenient. Nevertheless, pulling that idea from imagination to implementation was a challenge, especially with time constraints.