Tamkeen Care

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Case Overview

Tamkeen Care is Saudi Arabia's first clean technology maintenance service. They aim to provide repair and preventive maintenance services to keep the electronics running at their best. Their motive is to make technological appliances up and running as they play an integral part in everyday life.

Through their services, they give expert advice on ways to use the technology with confidence. Likewise, they help their stress-free from maintenance headaches. At TamkeenCare, customers can get their electronic appliances repaired fast.

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The App Founder was impressed by the novelty of a business idea that reinforced the sustainability of the environment. The thought leaders of the App Founder shared a clear vision with TamkeenCare and took the project on board. The team was engaged from the beginning to help TamkeenCare display its uniqueness through its website and mobile application.

As a full-service agency that provides creative solutions for maintaining digital presence across the business, our goal was to build out a strong web development strategy that would maintain an uncluttered user experience.

Phase 1:


Our target for this project was to help build an easy-to-use interface, manage easy navigation, cater to service requirement and daily updates, ensure a protected payment gateway, and create an excellent user experience. We created a mockup of how we thought it should look and unraveled some of the features of the application.

These features were spread out across three different views; UX strategy, programming languages, and test & launching phase).

Phase 2:

Mood Board:

We created rough sketches to set out the UX/UI interactions focusing on the pain points and needs. The drivers came from several places: those big, small, supported and unsupported.

UX Strategy:

We decided on an attractive color scheme to complement the app’s functionality, created mockups of each page, sketched out possible interactions, and recorded screencasts of every workflow. We had fun applying intentional styles to them.


The site was built to be compatible with Windows 2000 and later versions. The site purports to be Windows Vista ready, and it should therefore work perfectly on any machine capable of running Vista, Linux, and Mac OS, and can be run on both Android and IOS devices

Phase 3:

Test & Launch

Once the launch was completed, we were able to return to the site to verify everything was running smoothly. We tested our site through various devices to assess its responsiveness. Before going live we also went through an extensive pre-launch website design and development checklist.


Once we completed and launched our website, we tracked TamkeenCare services and assessed it had improved 200%. As customers' needs catered through active customer engagement strategies, the site analytics improved as well.

Users have a frictionless experience when they use either the website or the application. In addition, there have been more than 1000 downloads on android alone.