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Case Overview:

Ever struggled with anxiety when posting on social platforms? CuThe eCommerce landscape has witnessed some drastic changes in recent times. Online shopping was already making its mark and overshadowing the traditional shopping methods. This trend was especially escalated during Covid times when most people were home-bound and there was a spike in the demand for online shopping.

The idea behind the app was to build a platform that offers convenience to shoppers. A one-stop-shop or a virtual mall that categorizes products in an organized way for shoppers can save, build a wish-list, and later buy whatever they need through a single platform.

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The main challenge ensued during the initial stages when a blueprint of the app was being devised. Our developers knew that they have to put in extra work to build features like add to cart, and a secure payment method. However, the bigger problem was how to list these products in the app that would be the most convenient.

The app had to be built in a way that not only is enticing but also has AI in place that gives relevant suggestions as per the customer's needs. We only had a span of nine months to develop this app and a limited amount of resources. Our main challenge was to make the app stand out amongst all the other eCommerce apps that are operating in the market.


Ideation & Conceptualization

Your Wish On was conceptualized for a conveniently diverse marketplace – it had to be integrated with functional third-party modules for comprehensive efficiency. Our ideation process was focused on key hallmarks that make up for a smooth buying journeys for users of today.

We began with one goal; to ease adaptability and diversity into a marketplace that will map out a strong foothold in the digital space. Our concept invigorated a fresher look, integrated multiple and organized product categories, and tamed clutters.


UI/UX Design

Our developers meticulously developed every page of the app and ensured an interactive GUI to keep shoppers hooked to the app. As an added smart feature, the team utilized certain keywords to show users relevant products based on user search history.

Development Strategy:

After the successful deployment of each feature, our team devised a strategic approach for the final development phase. We then run a thorough test to ensure successful platform integration and marketplace efficiency.


Test and Launch

Once features were tested and approved, the functionality of the app was thorough checked. It was important the app worked smoothly prior to the launch.

We run multiple tests and checks on the app to address underlying bugs and fixes and then pushed the app to its success.


  • The app did a great job safekeeping user data
  • The app had a robust CC and DC payment system in place
  • A level of integrity was maintained by the app so the users put their trust in us while giving personal information
  • Sellers were approved and authorized to show a true picture of the items they’re selling

We run multiple tests and checks on the app to address underlying bugs and fixes and then pushed the app to its success.